Saturday, November 3, 2012

REVIEW: e.l.f. Studio Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator

Hey Loves!! 

So I've been wanting to do a review on this applicator for a while and I'm finally getting around to doing it. This is the best tool I've ever used so I definitely wanted to spread the word if you haven't checked this out yet. :)

e.l.f. Studio Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator: 

End glitter fallout and get gorgeous sparkling eyes with this innovative, unique Glitter Applicator. The silicone head is specifically designed to apply glitter. Comfort soft material grabs glitter and places it directly on the eyelid for precise and concentrated application. Great for loose or pressed glitter eyeshadow.


- It picks up glitter perfectly! 

- The pointy tip of the applicator fits right into the corner of the eye for precise application. 

- There is no glitter fallout whatsoever! 

- The glitter stays on my eyes all night and there was none on my face! 

- It also works perfectly with eyeshadow pigments. 

- The head of the applicator is nice and soft against the eyelids. 

- I didn't have to use any glitter glue or anything! 


- There is none! 

The Verdict:

A++++ I absolutely love this applicator! and at $3 bucks you can't go wrong! However, I've noticed that it is so popular so it's been sold out for a while. If you want to grab this then you have to jump on it quick when it's back in stock because they sell out pretty quick. I haven't seen them in Target but you can definitely check to see if they have it there. This is a must buy if you love glittery eyes and loose pigments. 

If you would like to buy it, you can check it out here. 

Have you tried this applicator before? What do you think of it?


Mayra Day said...

I never noticed this from ELF. I havent used glitter in years but I'm sure the price on this will be good for me to try it out. Thanks for the review

sabina.khan said...

i want one,sounds amazing.great review x

Rosie Means said...

Yeah it even works with loose pigments! It's definitely a must try! Thanks for commenting :)

Rosie Means said...

Yeah it's awesome! Definitely give it a try :)

cheqkatiechamel said...

I use ELF brushes on my clients and actually swear by them! I'll have to pick this one up for playing around with pigments!

Rosie Means said...

Yes this is definitely a must have! It works great! :) Thanks for commenting!