Thursday, October 25, 2012

Product Disappointment: Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Hi Loves!

So I received this sample of Philosophy's Hope in a Jar in my TestTube that I got recently. I was excited to see this in there because I have seen many bloggers rave about it so I was happy I didn't have to shell out $$ to try it. 

When I first got it I noticed it didn't really have a smell. That is a minus for me because I don't like too much scent but I like it to be nice enough to enjoy putting it on my face. After I put this on my face I was immediately turned off by the scent. I'm not sure if maybe I got a bad sample or that is how it really smells. It sort of smelled like plastic or something? I did not enjoy it at all. That was a disappointment. 

I also noticed that it didn't really feel lightweight like it says it is. It felt a bit heavy at first and sticky. That was a warning sign for me right there since I have oily skin. I immediately thought, "Oh no, I'm gonna be a shiny oil slick by the end of the day!" lol. And I was the end of the day my face was so shiny and oily I had to immediately wash my face. This product is definitely not for oily skin. Philosophy should not advertise that this is for all skin types and is oil-free. It made my oil worse than normal. However, maybe I got a bad sample? 

I only used this sample one time and will not be using it again. I definitely wont be buying this product either. I will stick to using my MAC Oil-Free Lotion. At least that keeps shine at bay and smells nice :)

Have you tried this? What did you think of it?


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