Saturday, September 15, 2012

NewBeauty Fall TestTube

Hiya Loves! 

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! A few days ago I received my first TestTube from New Beauty and I am loving it! This is the first sampling program that I have gotten into so far. I also signed up for glambag but that doesn't ship till October. I am so happy with the products that I received in here. This program only ships out in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter for $29.95 each time. I thought that was pretty good since I didn't feel like paying $20-$30 monthly for one. So here are the products that I received in my TestTube:

The first item that I received is this HSR Lifting Cream from Babor. It is supposed to protect collagen and elastin fibres, significantly improve skin elasticity, and smoothes small lines and wrinkles for firmer, younger-looking skin. I haven't heard of this brand before and I haven't got to try it but it sounds good :) 

The second item that I got is Lumene Firming Night Cream. This is another cream that is meant for younger, looking skin by smoothing and firming. Another brand I haven't heard of but I am excited to try it. You can never start too early using anti-aging products :)

The next item is Neutrogena's Skin Brightening Eye Perfector. I was excited to see this because it is a full size product. However, I was disappointed when I saw that they sent me Fair. I tested it out on my hand and it looks way too light for me. I did use it on my eyelids and it worked pretty good. You're supposed to use it under the eye all the way up to the brow. 

Another Neutrogena product, the Rapid Wrinkle Repair serum. I was also excited to see another full size product in the TestTube! I really like Neutrogena products so these are great. This is supposed to minimize wrinkles and brighten the skin. I haven't got to try it yet but I definitely will soon :) 

Another product that I got is Lash Food's Eyelash Conditioner. I have never used an eyelash conditioner before so I am excited to try this out. However, they didn't give me any instructions on how to use this so I will have to do some research first, lol. 

The next product that I got is Hydroxatone's InstantEffect 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer. Another anti-aging product that is supposed to firm skin and minimize wrinkles for younger, looking skin. Hmm... are they trying to tell me something here by sending me all of these wrinkle products? lol :))

The next item is Ahava's Enriched Intensive Foot Cream for Dry Skin. I was excited to see this product because I have read good reviews about Ahava products. I have used this a few times and it has a great smell to it. It is also SUPER moisturizing. Foot cream is a must for me. I am hooked on Avon's foot creams because their the best but this one is pretty darn good too. Ladies if you're wearing sandals please lotion your feet before leaving the house, LOL :))

I was SUPER excited to see this lipgloss in the TestTube. I have been wanting to try Mally products since I seen it on the infomercials, lol. Mally has really pretty colors in makeup and I might have to try some more items after I tried this. This lipgloss is the color Blossom. It is GORGEOUS! I am hooked on it. I've been wearing it everyday since I received it. I'm excited to try more makeup items by Mally :) 

I was also super hyped to receive this product as well. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. I am not sure how I feel about this yet. I tried it once this morning after I got out of the shower. It definitely detangled my hair and made it softer. However, it didn't defrizz my hair. It sort of made it a bit frizzier after it air dryed. I will have to try it out once I blow dry it to see how it is. 

The next item is Olay's Complexion Renewing Lotion. I am definitely interested in trying this lotion out. I love any lotions that brighten complexion. I don't have any acne which this meant for but I do have sun marks that I'd like to brighten. Olay's products are usually really good too so I'm excited to give this a try. 

I also received these three gift cards to which I thought was pretty cool until I saw there was a limit you had to spend on the website. Like $100-$200 dollars. I will definitely check the website but not sure if I will use these or not. 

The final and last item I received is the Summer/Fall issue of NewBeauty. I was a bit disappointed that I got this because I already have this issue. I thought they would of had a new issue until I looked at the bottom of the magazine and it said "Summer/Fall." I think that is silly since they only have quarterly issues but oh well, lol. 

So that is everything I received from my NewBeauty TestTube. Definitely check them out and give it a shot. I am very happy with this TestTube. I wish I was getting this every month, lol. You can check them out here. 

Do you receive the NewBeauty TestTube? What do you think of it? 


Natalie said...

That looks like a good service! Lots of anti aging products lol :) Will you do a reveiw on the lip gloss/ its a 10?

Rosie Means said...

Yeah so far I'm loving it! Can't wait for the next one :) Yeah I will for sure do a review on both :)

Maryam Maquillage said...

wow, seeing your review really makes me want to try the New Beauty Test Tube :)) thanks for such a thorough post!!

Rosie Means said...

You're welcome! I hope the rest of the test tubes are just as good because I loved this one! ;)

Halima said...

Woah woah WOAH! We need this in the UK! We have Glossybox but usually get small samples, they were impressive at the start. xo

Rosie Means said...

Hi Halima!

Yes it is a great beauty program! I'm excited to get the next one :)