Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mally Beauty: Instant 8 Hours of Sleep

Hi Loves!! 

Sorry I haven't been posting as frequently as usual but we are about to move into a new house on Friday so were busy busy trying to pack and get everything organized. Packing with a seven month old is not easy! lol 

Anyways, I mentioned in my last post that I was waiting for some Mally Beauty products to arrive in the mail. Well they arrived yesterday and I am extremely excited and impressed by them so far! I purchased one of the starter kits that Mally offers on her website called "Instant 8 Hours of Sleep." I'm always on the lookout for a good concealer because late nights with a baby is not good for under eye circles, lol. I need to instantly look like I had 8 hours of sleep because I do not get 8 hours of sleep a night. :(

It came with a pamphlet (pictured above) that describes each item and instructions on how to use each of the products. You can actually go to and there are videos that show how to use many of her items, which is a huge plus for newbies to her makeup line (like me). 

The starter kit came in this little makeup bag that I am absolutely loving right now! I actually just purchased another makeup bag for my purse and I am regretting it since I got this beauty. It is super cute and very good quality. I'm loving how she has the snakeskin pattern on all of her products.

The main product in the starter kit is the Cancellation Concealer with the two sided concealer brush. I bought the color in Light/Medium. The concealer is extremely pigmented and creamy. At first when I used it I thought it was too light for me but it actually turned out really great! The translucent setting powder on the right actually brightens under the eye too. So it makes concealing under eye circles flawless! The concealer brush that it came with is also excellent and high quality! I am loving the brush and the color of it is super cute! 

The next items that comes in the kit is the Lightwand Eye Brightener. This little bad boy is a cool little two-sided tool. One end has a creamy, long wearing pencil that lightens and brightens in the inner corner of the eye. The other end is an extra soft dabber that has a highlighting powder already on it. The highlighting powder is in the lid so when you take off the lid there is powder already on the dabber. Genius! 

The next item is the Luminizer in Heavenly. This is a creamy highlighter that dries to a powder. It can be used on the eyelids or on the cheekbones to add brightness and luminosity. The color is beautiful! 

Anddd... when you purchase a starter kit you get a free High-Shine Liquid Lipstick with your order. I completely forgot that the site offered this. So I was surprised when it came with my kit but extremely happy because I love the last one that I got. This color is called Gorgelina and definitely lives up to its name! 

I am LOVING Mally Beauty products now and I am super hyped about purchasing more items! "Instant 8 Hours of Sleep" is $39.95 and can be purchased here

Below is pictures of myself after I used all of these products. Don't I look well rested? I think I am in love!! lol My face has this beautiful brightness and glow to it! 


SweeneeStyle said...

Looks very nice!!! i'm gonna try some of these products. :)
I Followed your blog. Follow back??

Rosie Means said...

Thank you! Definitely try Mally Beauty products! Their fantastic! I'm hooked on buying more, lol. Thanks for following. I will follow you back as well.

Rosie xo