Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to keep your Summer Glow after Summer

Hey Loves,

So as a Certified Sunless Tanning Technician I have a few tricks and products to keep your beautiful tan flawless. Since the summer is coming to a close I wanted to share some tips and products that you can use to keep your sunless tan looking beautiful. These products I use myself and it keeps my tan looking great and lasting longer. 

The first step to a flawless spray tan or self-tanner is exfoliating the skin before the sunless tanner is applied. This is very important in achieving an even and beautiful tan. This helps to remove dead skin cells so that your sunless tan will last longer. If you do not exfoliate beforehand then the tan can be spotty and may not adhere to the skin correctly. 

The exfoliator that I use is made by Sjolie Tanning and can be found here. I LOVE this exfoliator!! It has a great pineapple scent and does a great job at exfoliating the skin. Another exfoliator that I use is made by Million Dollar Tan but I prefer the one by Sjolie over Million Dollar Tan because it isn't as harsh. It is great at smoothing the skin. This exfoliator retails for $29.99 for an 8oz bottle. 

The second step is a great sunless tanner. I usually get my husband to spray me using my spray tanning machine but lately we haven't had time. So I have been using Cabana Tan EXTREME by Million Dollar Tan. I also LOVE this product. It creates a beautiful tan that looks like you just came back from Hawaii. The coverage is great too. The lotion is like a thick sunscreen so you are able to see exactly where it is going and you won't miss a spot. This lotion is fool proof! However, I recommend getting your boyfriend, husband, friend, or family member to apply this to the back as it is hard to reach. Although, I have applied it myself onto my back and the results were still good! 

This lotion retails at $26 for a 4oz bottle. I purchased the 4oz bottle first to test it out and it has lasted me a long time. I've had it all summer and I still have some in the bottle. This lotion comes in two colors, Cabana Tan and Cabana Tan Extreme. You can also purchase these self-tanners in a spray but I haven't tried that. I purchased the Extreme because it is meant for people who are already tanned. You can purchase it here

The third and most important step is using a body wash that is meant for sunless tans. The products that you use after your sunless tan contributes to how long it will last. If you use harsh bar soaps, loofahs, wash cloths then this will basically wash away your sunless tan sooner than later. 

The body wash that I use is also made by Sjolie Tanning. It helps to keep my sunless tan and is gentle on the skin. I apply it with my hands instead of using a loofah or wash cloth because using those will remove the dead skin which will also remove my tan. I also pat dry when I get out of the shower because rubbing of the skin will also speed up the exfoliation process. The smell of this body wash is so delicious! It is a combination of Vanilla and Lavender. It is so lovely! This body wash retails for $29.99 for an 8oz bottle. You can purchase it here.

The final step and another very important one is moisturizing the skin. A sunless tanner tends to dry the skin out and this will speed up the exfoliation process if there is not enough moisture. I prefer to use one that has a hint of sunless tanner (DHA) in it so it will make my tan last longer. It also helps to fill in any spottiness that might happen as the sunless tanner starts to disappear. It should provide a nice fade instead of uneven fading. 

This moisturizer also has anti-aging ingredients and caffeine which helps to smooth the skin. The smell of this is also delicious. It also has a scent of pineapple. I recommend using this three days after your sunless tan has been applied. Before that I usually use cocoa butter lotion. This tan extender is also made by Sjolie Tanning and retails for $29.99. You can purchase it here

The Sjolie Tanning products are also organic, vegan, and cruelty free. You can't go wrong with that! 

I hope you find these tips and products helpful in achieving a beautiful, sunless tan! Do you have any tips or products that you use to keep your tan looking gorgeous? 

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