Monday, September 10, 2012

e.l.f. Haul!!

Hey Loves! 

So I got a bunch of goodies when E.L.F. was having their Labor Day sale. Not all of the items were on sale but I got a few things that interested me and that I heard reviews about. So far I am completely happy with everything that I got and I am extremely surprised because the makeup is very pigmented and the price is ridiculous! Everything was such a steal so I wasn't expecting everything to be so great. Here are some of the items that I bought:

Blush & Contour in Antigua - $3.00

The blush and contour powder are super pigmented as you can see. I haven't used the contour powder yet because I am a bit scared of it to be honest, lol. It looks super dark so I haven't got a chance to play around with it. I am not a pro at contouring so I want to practice a bit. However, I have been using the blush everyday since I received it in the mail. I LOVE IT! It's super pretty and it doesn't look that pink when you put it on your cheeks. It gives a beautiful rosy glow. It also has a little bit of sparkle in it too so it definitely adds to the glow. 

Warm Bronzer - $3.00

I have only worn the bronzer once since I got it but I wasn't amazed by it. It gives a nice glow but I don't think it's dark enough for me and has a bit too much sparkle. If I wear a bronzer that has too much sparkle then I look like a greasy mess. That's why I usually tend to go back to my MAC Matte Bronzer because it mattifies my skin. I think I should have went with the darker color because this one doesn't give me a tan like my MAC one does. It blends in too much while giving sparkle. 

Eyebrow Kit in Medium - $3.00

This eyebrow kit is one of my favorite items that I bought. I have also been using this everyday since I received it. The powder blends perfectly with my brows and makes them look super natural. I have been using the powder on top of my regular MAC brow pencil that I usually use. It softens the pencil and makes them look more natural. The only thing that I haven't mastered is the dark wax on the left. I need to play around with it more because when I used it over the powder it kinda wiped away the powder and looked blotchy. I read in a few reviews to use the powder after the wax. So I will definitely try that out. 

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Iconic Ivory & Twinkle Teal - $1.00 each

Twinkle Teal & Iconic Ivory

These pencils are the greatest little inventions ever because of the sharpening tool on the lid. They work excellent! The colors are beautiful as well! I haven't actually used them yet but the colors look beautiful when I swatched them. I can't wait to use both of them. 

Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator - $3.00

I was so excited when I seen this little baby on the website. This has to be one of the greatest inventions ever! I always have a problem with fall out and have a hard time trying to pick up glitter but not with this tool! The tip of this applicator has a rubber feel to it and picks up pigment or glitter perfectly! Once you pat it down onto your eye it stays with very little fallout! I love it so much and haven't seen anything like this. This is definitely a must have if you love pigments and glitters! 

I was also pleasantly surprised by the packaging. It almost looks like NARS packaging. All of these products are great and definitely worth the cheap price! If you haven't tried these items then definitely check them out. You can't go wrong with paying $3 or less! They are always having different sales too. 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


Dee Vine said...

Oooh I definitely have to be on the lookout for the glitter applicator!

Rosie Means said...

Yeah definitely check it out! You can't go wrong when it's only $3! Lol :)

Rosie xo

Natalie said...

Wow I love all of this it looks amazing!

Rosie Means said...

Yeah all of these are great! And their so affordable! Great quality for a great price :)

Alexa said...

these products look amzing <3 and such great prices too!

Alexa <3

Rosie Means said...

Hi Alexa!

Yes, they are all great and the prices are excellent :)

Southern Glamourista said...

great haul!! :)

Southern Glamourista