Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hey Loves, 

So it was back to MAC to exchange my used items for a new lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow! Yay! This program is awesome. Since I am such a MAC fein, I always have empty containers to exchange. :)

When I first got there I was set on exchanging my containers for the lipstick, "Dear Diary." Unfortunately, that is sold out everywhere and in stores..:( 

So I pondered and found an eyeshadow that I wanted called Orb. It's like a soft peachy beige color that is matte. I was disappointed when they told me that I couldn't exchange it for refill eyeshadow for my palette :( boooo. Now I have to depot it so I can stick it in my palette, lol. I also picked up some more Prep & Prime Lash since I was out. 

MAC E/S in Orb

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far! I definitely am! :) 


Miss Dre said...

Gosh I wanted Dear Diary too :( But that is a pretty eyeshadow. I don't have any MAC shadows yet, but I do want to get some soon, especially for fall.

You look so pretty in your pic! I love your blush!

Rosie Means said...

Yeah it's a bummer that it's sold out everywhere! :(

MAC e/s is awesome! They have great colors!

Thanks! It's a MAC mineralized blush called Gentle. It's gorgeous color ;)

Janine said...

Hey lady! Isn't that program awesome?! I think i never hit pan on anything, but i sure try with my MAC products lol. That shadow looks pretty, perfect for blending edges out!!
I am having a MAC giveaway right now, feel free to come by and enter!!

Rosie Means said...

Hey Janine! Yes I love it! It always takes me a while to get empty containers too lol I will definitely check out your giveaway! Thanks girl! ;)