Monday, August 27, 2012


Hi Loves,

Hope you all had a fantastic Monday! If you have children then I'm sure they are back to school today or have already started. Today my son started his first day of school in first grade. I'm a little relieved that he is back now but also sad because he helps me with his baby sister when I need it, lol. Now it's back to doing homework every night and going to bed early. The homework they give kids at such a young age nowadays is way more than what I used to get, lol. Now I look at it and I'm like "Damn what is this?" :)) Here is a picture of him on his first day, all ready to go in his uniform and his fly kicks.

NOTD (Nails of the Day):

Essie's Muchi Muchi & Sally Hansen's Gem Crush in Big Money
Here are my nails of the day. I just did something quick and simple because my nails looked raggedy, lol. I am waiting for some nail art items that I purchased on eBay but they are coming from Hong Kong so they take a while. Once I get them I will post some more nail pictures with nail art. :) 

If you're into nail art and haven't already checked out eBay for some nail art items then be sure to check them out. They have great deals and many of them offering free shipping. They are cheaper than a lot of the nail art websites that I have found. Anyways, hope you all had a fantastic Monday. 


Adele said...

Loving the glitter nail!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo

Rosie Means said...

Thanks Adele! I love the outfit post :) Great blog too! Thanks for checking out my blog. Happy Tuesday to you as well! :)

Cali Gal Lola said...

Omg your son is so cute!! Yes the homework these days is not like we had. My 4 year in kinder comes home with a homework packet every Monday.

Rosie Means said...

Thanks Lola! Yeah I do not remember having this much homework at such a young age, LOL. They don't play now.